A faint resonance: on commemorating poet Kabir’s 500th death anniversary

June 28 marks Sant Kabir’s 500th death anniversary and is celebrated as Kabir Jayanti across the country. India’s most revered 15th-century mystic poet, Kabir Das has penned down the most read couplets in the entire world. His sayings not only influenced people’s way of life but also contributed largely towards ‘Hinduism Bhakti movement’.

Sant Kabir Das was a very renowned saint, poet and social reformer of India who lived during the 15th century. His esteemed works and poems describe the greatness and oneness of the Supreme Being.

He did not believe in any religious discrimination and readily accepted all the religions. Sant Kabir Das propagated that there is the presence of same Supreme Being in all religions.

Sant Kabir Das was a highly acclaimed poet of his time. His writings significantly influenced the Bhakti movement. Some of his famous writings include ‘Sakhi Granth’, ‘Anurag Sagar’, ‘Bijak’ and ‘Kabir Granthawali’.

A religious community known as ‘Kabir Panth’ was founded by him and the members of this forum are referred as ‘Kabir Panthis’, implying the followers of Kabir Das. He was admired by an individual of all faiths and his teachings are still alive and passed for generations.

Swami Ramananda influence: Kabir Das’ ideologies were greatly influenced by Vaishnava saint Swami Ramananda who accepted Kabir as his disciple.

The UP Tourism department has initiated to promote Maghar as a tourist destination where Hindus have built a temple in memory of Kabir, while Muslims have constructed a mausoleum in his memory.

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