Ahmedabad Gets World Heritage Tag

The Walled City of Ahmedabad, founded by Sultan Ahmed Shah in the 15th century, has been declared India’s first World Heritage City.

    • The World Heritage Committee (WHC) of UNESCO made the announcement
    • The UNESCO had preferred Ahmedabad over Delhi and Mumbai.
    • The 5.5 km walled city area with an approximate population of four lakhs, living in century-old wooden residences is regarded as a living heritage.
    • It has now joined the privileged club of heritage cities like Paris, Cairo, Edinburgh and two cities in the subcontinent, Bhaktapur in Nepal and Galle in Sri Lanka.


The walled city of Ahmedabad on the eastern banks of Sabarmati river presents a rich architectural heritage from the Sultanate period, notably the Bhadra citadel, the walls and gates of the Fort city and numerous mosques and tombs, as well as important Hindu and Jain temples of later periods.

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