Cabinet approves appointment of second national judicial pay commission

The Union cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday approved the appointment of a second national judicial pay commission for the subordinate judiciary.

The commission will decide on a salary hike for almost 21,000 judges of the subordinate judiciary level.

Judges and judicial officers of subordinate courts got their last pay hike in 2010, a three-fold jump, from the salaries decided in 1999, according to PTI.
The current entry-level salary for a junior civil judge is Rs45,000 while a senior judge gets nearly Rs80,000.

The Commission is to be headed by a retired justice of the Supreme Court, J.P.Venkatrama Reddi. R. Basant, a former judge of the Kerala high court is also a member of the commission.

The Commission is to make its recommendations to the state governments preferably within a period of eighteen months. The recommendations are likely to be given retrospective effect once submitted and put into effect.

It will aim at arriving at a uniform pay scale for the service of judicial officers of the subordinate judiciary throughout the country.

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