Climate change and ill-health

A new research published by The Lancet medical journal talks of the various ways in which climate change has started affecting the health of people across the planet. ‘The Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change’ report says China, Bangladesh, India, and Indonesia are the countries that have registered the highest number of deaths linked to air pollution. Here is a look at the key numbers on how climate change affects health and labour produtivity:

  • 46 — The global increase percentage in weather-related disasters since 2000.
  • 50 — Number of years of gain in public health undermined due to anthropogenic climate change.
  • 87 — The percentage of global cities that are in breach of WHO air pollution guidelines.
  • 129 —Total economic loss in billion dollars due to weather events in 2016.
  • 5.3 — The average fall in productivity (in %) for rural labour globally since 2000, due to rising temperatures.
  • 9,20,000 — Number of people globally out of the workforce in 2016 due to rising temperatures.
  • 4,18,000 — Number of Indian workforce out of jobs in 2016 due to rising temperatures.
  • 1,000,000,000 — Number of people likely to migrate within 90 years, due to a rise in sea level caused by ice shelf collapse.
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