Committee Formed to Study Legalities for Separate State Flag

The Karnataka State government has constituted a nine-member committee headed by Principal Secretary, Department of Kannada and Culture, to study and submit a report to the government on the possibility of “designing a separate flag for Karnataka and providing it with a statutory standing.”

The constitutional and legal position of the State having its own flag:

R. Bommai v/s Union of India (Supreme Court 1994) case verdict:

  • The Supreme Court has declared that federalism is a basic feature of the Constitution and States are supreme in their sphere.
  • This being the Constitutional position, there is no prohibition in the Constitution for the State to have its own flag. However, the manner in which the State flag is hoisted should not dishonour the national flag. It has to be always below the national flag.
  • The national flag code specifically authorises the use of other flags subject to the regulation by the court. So State flag is not unauthorised.
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