Entire Men’s Hockey Team Included in Target Olympic Podium Scheme

In a departure from the norm, the Mission Olympic Cell included the entire Indian hockey team in the TOP scheme, rewarding the players for their silver medal-winning performance at the Champions Trophy.

Athletes from different sports have been included in the Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS) individually but it is the first instance that an entire team has been made beneficiary of the financial assistance scheme.

Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS):

It was launched by the Ministry of Sports within the ambit of National Sports Development Fund (NSDF).

It aims at identifying and supporting potential medal prospects for the upcoming Olympic Games.

It will provide selected sportspersons customized training at institutes having world-class facilities and also other necessary support is being provided to the elite athletes. It will also provide a benchmark for selection of athletes on par with international standards.

Under it, Sports Authority of India (SAI) and federations, which are members of Mission Olympic Cell (MOC), will be nodal agencies for disbursal for the fund. They will make payments directly to beneficiary person and institution concerned on behalf of athletes.

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