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    Dr Haroon Ashraf

    You are working in a call centre for a major telecommunications company. You have received a call from a customer who has been waiting in for an engineer who has failed to arrive within the scheduled time slot. The customer is upset and is talking in a raised voice. Of the following options indicate which would be the ‘most effective’ and which the ‘least effective’ action to take first of all:

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    1) Apologise to the customer and say you will arrange for a re-scheduled appointment.

    2) Listen to the customer’s feedback and tell them that you can understand why they are upset and that it must be very inconvenient for them.

    3) Explain that the engineer has a very busy schedule and it’s difficult for her to always be on time but you’re sure she will arrive soon.

    4) Ask the customer to hold while you contact the engineer to establish where she is.

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