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    Dr Haroon Ashraf

    If you are facing an examination like that of UPSC IAS or State Civil Service, It is not only important that you know the issue, it is also important that you should be able to present the issue in an impressive manner in a faultless language. Answer writing is a skill which can be developed by practice.
    If you write one or two answers a day, it will definitely help you to improvise the skills.
    Some people may be worried about getting the answers evaluated by experts. There is no single best answer for an examination like UPSC IAS examination. Unlike the board examinations, here the examiner is not provided with an answer structure to base their evaluation. Of course, we don’t know the exact method followed by UPSC. But based on insider inputs and answers to some RTIs we know that this is true.
    So, ultimately, your answers are evaluated on the basis of the presentation and logic of your arguments if you know enough points about the topic. If you don’t know anything about the topic or if you commit factual errors and blunders, the presentation will not help you.
    In this context, let us see what you can write and from comments from others across let us see how much you can impress others by writing. An answer which can impress more will be able to impress examiners. Good luck!!!


    Dr Haroon Ashraf

    How to upload answers as pictures:

    Click on Insert/edit image button in the editor. The following dialogue box will open.

    You can use the browse icon (folder with a lens) on the side of the ‘source box’ to choose the image file from your system. You may be able to directly click photo if you are on a mobile device. Ensure that the image is less than 2 MB (You can either resize the picture using any image editor or click with a lower resolution in your camera. Resolution below 1000 should be fine if clicked in a┬áproper light and without shaking the camera). Black and white picture may do better than a color picture.

    Alternatively you can use Photo resizer apps for android phones like the one in this link.

    Perhaps apps like cam scanner may be able to give you clearer pictures.

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    The Link Text





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