G7 Summit

G7 or Group of seven is the title given to the seven most industrialized and developed economies of the world who meet annually and discuss global issues.

With the 44th annual G7 Summit just around the corner, here is everything you need to about what these nations do and how they tackle world problems:

G7 Summit is an event conducted annually where world leaders from seven powerful economies of the world, US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Japan, and Italy come together to discuss burning issues happening around the globe. They, by mutual understanding, also form policies or figure out remedies for the concerned issue.

What is the 44th G7 Summit all about?

Every year few international issues which need to be tackled are taken into account and policies are formed around them. Canada has put forward the following 5 themes for this year’s summit:

Investing in growth that works for everyone.

Preparing for jobs of the future.

Working together on climate change, oceans, and clean energy.

Building a more peaceful and secure world.

Advancing gender equality and impacting women’s empowerment.

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