GeoIntelligence Asia 2018

The Eleventh edition of GeoIntelligence Asia 2018 organized by GeoSpatial Media and Communication with Directorate General of Information System as Knowledge Partners and Military Survey as Co-organisers, took place at Manekshaw Centre, New Delhi on 04-05 June 2018.  The theme of Seminar was ‘GeoSpatial: A Force Multiplier for Defence and Internal Security’. The seminar brought together the military, security officials including BSF and Police Forces, Government and industry together to examine the latest technology solutions and on the critical role of geospatial technology in military and security applications.

Gen Bipin Rawat, Chief of the Army Staff, during his Keynote address, said that the Armed Forces are the repository of big data and there is a need to record and institutionalize the information and carry out predictive analytics using AI. He stressed on the need for collaboration with industry and academia to automate the Indian Army and emphasized the need to leverage the various technologies available in the Geo Spatial field to find solutions for the challenges faced by the Indian Army.

Geospatial Intelligence and its significance:

Geospatial intelligence is a critical foundation for many aspects of defense and internal security. It offers the capability of monitoring, predicting and countering threats while helping strategize and support various field operations.

It facilitates multi-source information sharing and integration across agencies and organizations by providing a common framework on which other information is based.

The use of big data, advanced geospatial analytics software and sophisticated imaging technologies from (very) high-resolution remote sensing satellites, UAVs, and other sensors, enables seamless flow of information in pre-, real-time and post-combat operations.

Real-time views and insights of impacted regions are key to improving emergency response times, especially in vulnerable areas such as a country’s border.

Geospatial data is invaluable to the border security operations, to deliver accurate situational awareness information, enabling quick and secure decision-making, while mitigating risks, and increasing national security.

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