Goan Fejervaryan Frog

The golden era for frogs in India continues with yet another new species described from Goa. A new large Goan fejervaryan frog (Fejervarya goemchi) has been reported from higher elevations of the Western Ghats by a team of scientists who are closely looking at what was popularly called “cricket frogs”.

The new species is named after the historical and cultural name of Goa. The last decade has seen a flurry of discoveries on amphibians with 41 new frogs in 2014 alone.

The new frog often heard during monsoons by its long croaking ‘trook, trook’ piping chorus than seen, was

The new species is diagnosed on the basis of distinctness in morphology, genetic distance and geography. “Cricket frogs have a large distribution in Asia but (they are) difficult to identify on the basis of external characters alone, creating taxonomic uncertainty in terms of names, identification and systematics,” says Kulkarni (Mhadei Research Centre, Goa).

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