Health Ministry launches sputum sample transportation Through Dept of Post

A pilot for utilizing services of Department of Post for transport of sputum specimen for TB Diagnosis in Karawal Nagar Delhi was launched by the Health Ministry, here today. Shri Sanjeeva Kumar, AS and DG (RNTCP & NACO) launched the initiatives in presence of  Shri Sanjeev Khirwar, Principal Secretary (Health), GNCTD, Sh. Harpreet Singh, Post Master General (M& BD), and Dr. KS Sachdeva, DDG TB.

Sputum is a thick fluid that is produced in the lungs and the airways leading to the lungs. A sample of sputum is usually collected by the person coughing.

The sputum test is often the first TB test to be used in countries with a high rate of TB infection.

Sputum microscopy is inexpensive and simple, and people can be trained to do it relatively quickly and easily.

Need for and significance of postal transportation of Sputum:

Most of the patients are not diagnosed because the specimen does not reach the laboratory due to non-availability of specimen transport mechanisms.

Transport of collected specimen also spares the patient’s from traveling to the reference laboratory. Prompt transport of specimen followed by efficacious testing will enable appropriate management of the TB patients and reduced disease transmission.

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