In a first, Andhra to use auto-disable syringes for all clinical purposes

The medical device sector on Thursday hailed Andhra Pradesh’s move to use auto-disable syringes for all clinical purposes from World Hepatitis Day on July 28 to prevent infection.

Andhra Pradesh would be the first state in the country to take this move, which will be enforced from World Hepatitis Day, said Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED) Forum Coordinator Rajiv Nath.

He urged the Central government and other states to follow the lead taken by Andhra government in the healthcare system, strengthening and lowering the burden of infections by breaking the cycle of cross infection.

He recalled that when auto-disable syringes were introduced in the mass immunization campaign in India, Andhra Pradesh was the first state to introduce this before the Central government decided to make it mandatory for all immunization injections.

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