“Jiyo Parsi Publicity Phase-2”

Jiyo Parsi Publicity Phase-2” was recently launched by the government. The scheme aims to fulfil the objective of inclusive growth of the government.About Jiyo Parsi scheme:

About Jiyo Parsi scheme:

Declining population of Parsi community in India is a matter of concern. Therefore, “Jiyo Parsi Publicity Phase-1” was initiated in 2013 for containing the declining trend of the population of the Parsi community and reverse it to bring their population above the threshold level.

The main objective of the “Jiyo Parsi” scheme is to reverse the declining trend of the Parsi population by adopting a scientific protocol and structured interventions, stabilize their population and increase the population of Parsis in India.

Ministry of Minority Affairs’ scheme has two components: Medical Assistance and Advocacy/Counselling.

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