Liquor sale ban exemption to all municipal areas

The Supreme Court orally observed that its July 11 order exempting the December 2016 ban on the sale of liquor within 500 metres along national and States highways applies to all municipal areas across the country. The SC had explained in the July 11 order that the ban only extended along and in the proximity of highways which provide connectivity between cities, towns and villages.

The court was hearing a plea by the Tamil Nadu government for clarification on the ambit of the July 11 order of the apex court. The State government had come to the apex court after the Madras High Court raised doubts whether the exemption granted to municipal areas in the July 11 order pertained to only municipal areas in Chandigarh and none other.

The question had popped up in the HC because the petitioner in the original case was an NGO based in Chandigarh called Arrive Safe Society.

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