Meghalaya Celebrates Behdienkhlam Festival

Behdienkhlam, one of the most colorful festivals of the State, was celebrated in the Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya on Tuesday with joy and religious fervor. Union DoNER (Development of North East Region) Minister Jitendra Singh visited the main event held at Jowai, the headquarters of the West Jaintia Hills, and wished the people a blessed and prosperous life.

About the festival:

  • Behdienkhlam is a major festival of the people in the Jaintia Hills.
  • It is celebrated to invoke the gods for a bumper harvest and drive away plague.
  • It is the ritualistic expression of the relentless struggle of mankind to overcome the destructive forces of nature, including diseases, since the dawn of civilization.
  • During the festival, decorated and colorful raths are immersed in ‘Wah Ainar,’ a muddy pool.
  • The non-Christian ‘Pnar’ people who believe either in the traditional faith of ‘Niamtre’ or Hinduism observe this festival.
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