Northern states to fight drug menace jointly

To fight the drug menace, the Chief Ministers of four northern states on decided unanimously to share drug trade-related information and set up a common secretariat in Panchkula, for the purpose.

Senior civil and police officers from these states, as well as Rajasthan, Delhi and Chandigarh, were also present at the meeting, aimed at evolving a joint strategy against drugs, overcoming all political and regional divides.

The joint statement said all states agreed to meet every six months to review progress on various action points on three dimensions agreed upon in today’s meeting. “We also agreed to invite the CM of Uttar Pradesh and senior officers of Jammu and Kashmir in future,” it said.

On the preventive side, all states agreed on the need for a multidisciplinary approach that puts boys and girls at the center of our joint response.

Those who are the most vulnerable whether, in schools, colleges, universities, their residential buildings or outside deserve our special attention, the statement said.

On the de-addiction side, all states agreed to invest more resources in setting up more centers and strengthening the existing ones whether in the public or private sector.

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