Odisha to come up with single revenue code

The Odisha government has proposed to come up with a single revenue act by merging various revenue laws enacted at the different point in times.

In this regard, the state government has prepared the draft ‘Odisha Land and Revenue Code’ by taking into consideration the Odisha Survey and Settlement Act, 1958, the Odisha Special Survey and the Settlement Act 2012, the Odisha Government Land Settlement Act, 1962, the Odisha Prevention of Land Encroachment Act, 1972, the Odisha Land Reforms Act, 1960, the Odisha Consolidation of Holdings and Prevention of Fragmentation of Land Act 1972 and the Odisha Estates Abolition Act, 1951.

The need for a single Revenue Code arises out of the fact that there are many revenue Acts in vogue in Odisha governing the land revenue administration which were enacted years back and are unable to meet the changing needs.

The existence of so many revenue Acts and Rules often create confusion among the field-level revenue functionaries in an interpretation of such laws which ultimately leads to delay in disposal of cases and sufferings for the public.

The main purpose is to end the numerous laws and introduction of a single code having simplified procedures and enabling provisions for speedy disposal of the revenue cases which will benefit the public.

The code will be published inviting suggestions and objections from all sections and after scrutiny of feedbacks, necessary changes will be affected and steps will be taken for the enactment of the code.

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