PM Modi launches ‘Main Nahin Hum’ portal, says every effort of the people must be valued

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday underlined the importance of the people’s involvement and their social responsibilities for the success of any government initiative.

About ‘Main Nahin Hum’ portal and its significance:

  • The portal, which works on the theme ‘Self4Society’, will enable IT professionals and organizations to bring together their efforts towards social causes on one platform. The platform has been developed by MyGov.
  • The portal will also help the employees in identifying the volunteering opportunities for social causes and they can also collaborate with other employees on such projects.
  • In doing so, the portal is expected to help catalyze greater collaboration towards the service of the weaker sections of society, especially by leveraging the benefits of technology.
  • It is also expected to generate wider participation of interested people who are motivated to work for the benefit of society.

Since India has already become the third largest in terms of the start-up, social start-ups should become an intrinsic part of the ecosystem. Some of the areas which require participation are saving natural resources such as water, agriculture, climate change etc.

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