Separate State Flag

Kannada and Culture Department of the Karnataka State government recently notified the setting up of a committee to examine the feasibility and legal issues around the demand.

Karnataka government’s stand

  • The government has constituted a committee to look at the issues in the creation of a state flag.
  • It stated that Karnataka already has an official state song and it feels that there is nothing wrong with having a state flag.
  • It was also ensured that the national flag will always fly higher than the state flag.
  • Karnataka has had an unofficial state flag since the mid-1960s when pro-Kannada groups were agitating against the screening of non-Kannada films in the state.
  • The red and yellow flag called the Kannada Paksha was created by Kannada writer and activist Ma Ramamurthy for a pro-Kannada political party.
  • This unofficial flag is flown every year on November 1, Karnataka’s foundation day, and is a common sight at public places.

Centre’s view

  • There is no provision in the Constitution for a state flag.
  • Home Ministry stated that legally, there is no provision either for providing or prohibiting a separate flag for any state.
  • It also said that if such a flag is created it would only represent the people and not the state.
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