Trump space force: US to set up sixth military branch

The US president said on Monday it would bolster national security and the economy with the creation of jobs.

Why it is not a “good idea”?

Another military arm would only compound the organizational challenges facing the U.S. armed services.

It could undercut ongoing missions.

It could very well increase budgetary allocations in the future.

A space corps could undermine American efforts in the domain of joint warfare.

The fundamental difficulty of a space corps is that the physical environment of space is not conducive to the conduct of military operations without incurring serious losses in the form of spacecraft and debris.

And despite efforts to make spacecraft more fuel efficient, the energy requirements are enormous.

The technical demands of defending assets in space make the possibility of dominance and space as a domain for war-fighting a sort of chimera.

The imperative for America to build space weapons, which is nothing new, goes back to the Cold War, an example being the Strategic Defense Initiative of the Reagan Administration. The creation of the new force represents an important shift at least at an institutional level. What advantages it will bring to American war-fighting capabilities are still unclear.

A new space force is not merely a brand new service; it potentially increases greater organizational uncertainty within the U.S. military. Notwithstanding these concerns, Washington’s headlong rush is the by-product of a strong commitment to preserving American advantages in space.

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