Andhra Pradesh declares new state symbols

In a bid to distinguish itself from its newly formed neighbor, the Andhra Pradesh government has declared new state symbols to replace the ones held by Telangana after it was created. The rose-ringed parrot has been chosen as the state bird and the jasmine is the new state flower.

While the Andhra government has chosen new state bird and flower, it retained black buck as its state animal and the neem tree as the state tree.

Telangana’s state animal is the spotted dear, the state bird is the Indian roller, avaram is the state flower and Prosopis cineraria are the state tree. The Indian roller and blue water-lilly were stated bird and flower of Andhra Pradesh earlier.

The new state of Telangana was created from Andhra Pradesh in June 2014. While Hyderabad is the shared state capital for both states presently, Andhra Pradesh plans to make Amravati its future capital.

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