GIS technology to strengthen Namami Gange Programme

National Mission for Clean Ganga has brought on board Survey of India, the oldest scientific department in the country set up in 1767, to facilitate the Ganga rejuvenation task by using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.

Critical hotspots are also easily identified through this technology. The use of GIS technology for Namami Gange programme will also ensure decentralization. The data collected and subsequent actions taken by the government can easily be shared with the local public through geo portals and mobile apps. The technology will also enable people to send their feedback up to the national level thereby providing an interactive and transparent platform. For effective discharge management, an outlet of sewerage and other discharges from all units – industrial, commercial and all types of other institutions will be mapped from the source outlet to the public drainage network. In addition, the high-resolution GIS-enabled data will help in regulating the proposed protected and regulatory zones along the banks of a river.

About Namami Gange Programme:

Namami Gange programme was launched as a mission to achieve the target of cleaning river Ganga in an effective manner with the unceasing involvement of all stakeholders, especially five major Ganga basin States – Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal.

The programme envisages River Surface Cleaning, Sewerage Treatment Infrastructure, River Front Development, Bio-Diversity, Afforestation and Public Awareness.


The program would be implemented by the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), and its state counterpart organizations i.e., State Program Management Groups (SPMGs).

In order to improve implementation, a three-tier mechanism has been proposed for project monitoring comprising of a) High-level task force chaired by Cabinet Secretary assisted by NMCG at a national level, b) State-level committee chaired by Chief Secretary assisted by SPMG at a state level and c) District level committee chaired by the District Magistrate.

The program emphasizes on improved coordination mechanisms between various Ministries/Agencies of Central and State governments.

About Survey of India:

It is the oldest scientific department in the country set up in 1767. It works under the administrative control of Department of Science & Technology.

Functions: As the nation’s Principal Mapping Agency, Survey of India bears a special responsibility to ensure that the country’s domain is explored and mapped suitably, provide base maps for expeditious and integrated development and ensure that all resources contribute with their full measure to the progress, prosperity, and security of our country now and for generations to come.

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