India Inc opposed to any job reservation in private sector

India Inc is opposed to any move to bring in reservation in the private sector as it would certainly create a big dent in the country’s investment climate and negate the perception advantage given by a jump in the World Bank ease of doing business index, a top industry body

In any case, there is a dearth of private sector investment with capacity utilisation in several sectors not going beyond 72-75 percent. On top of it, if the political economy of the country is geared to populist sentiments, the environment for growth could be vitiated badly.

“Assocham has always been pressing for the affirmative action by the industries for the economically weaker sections of the society. In fact, there is a somewhat similar sentiment across the entire India Inc which has been contributing a lot to the nation building and economic growth. We have been asking our members to give preference in recruitment to the local candidates, train them, skill them and keep in mind the affirmative aspect,

“The industry is willing to engage with the government both at the Centre and states for projects in skill development, training and hiring so that those at the bottom of the economic pyramid are handheld and upscaled,” Assocham said in a statement.

“But any move towards reservation in private sector would be regressive,” the chamber said.

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