India, Pakistan Agree to Resolve Diplomatic Tussle

India and Pakistan agreed to solve the diplomatic tussle over the allegations of harassment of the diplomats in each other’s countries. The two countries have mutually decided to resolve matters as per the 1992 code of conduct (COC) ensuring the diplomats and their families are not harassed, the External Affairs Ministry said.

1992 Code of Conduct:

As per the 1992 code of conduct, the two countries would ensure “smooth and unhindered functioning of their diplomatic and consular officials in conformity with recognised norms of international law and practice.”

The Diplomatic Tussle:

The diplomatic ties of India and Pakistan took a hit over the harassment of the diplomats in each other’s countries. Both the countries accused each other of harassing and intimidating their diplomats. The diplomatic ties first took a hit when Pakistan’s ISI raided a residential complex under construction for Indian diplomats in Islamabad in February.

The residential complex was raided and electricity and water supply to the property were suspended. Following which the Indian high commissioner Ajay Bisaria met the Pakistan foreign secretary to protest against the harassment of their diplomats. He alleged that his car was stopped in the middle of the road and was prevented from attending an event in Pakistan.

Pakistan, on the other hand, accused India of intimidating the children of its diplomats. The Pakistan high commission had earlier alleged that the car of one of its senior diplomats was blocked on road. Another note verbale alleged that their car, with the diplomat’s children on board, was hit from behind by another car. The kids were on the way to their school.

On March 15, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar had, at a press conference, said that the Indian High Commissioner had been facing a list of issues while in Pakistan and despite the issues being raised “in good faith through diplomatic channels and not through the media”, they have not been resolved.

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