Krishna Kutir, a home for 1000 widows inaugurated

The Minister for Women & Child Development, Smt Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, along with Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Adityanath Yogi today inaugurated the widows’ home ‘Krishna Kutir’ at a function at Vrindavan, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

home will offer shelter and protection to the large number of helpless widows of Vrindavan. An area of 4 acres has now been allocated near the home by the district administration which will be developed into a park and which can be used by the widows of the home.

The Home for Widows, Krishna Kutir has been constructed on 1.4 hectares of land through National Building Construction Corporation (NBCC) at a cost of 57.48 Crores (including the cost of the land) with a capacity of 1000 inmates. It has beautifully made 100 rooms/dormitories. The design of the Home has been prepared in consultation with HelpAge India and is old age-friendly. It consists of ground plus three floors with the facilities of ramp, lifts, the supply of adequate electricity, water and other amenities for meeting the requirement of senior citizens and persons with special challenges. The facility is also equipped with a large modern kitchen and a skill cum training center.

It also has two dispensaries and physiotherapy facility and the inmates will be given regular medical check-ups. The construction of the home has been funded by Central Government and will be managed by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. To connect with the netizens, the Ministry of Women & Child Development had launched a month-long contest (Nov-Dec, 2017) on social media, ‘Name the Vrindavan Ashram’.

The widows’ home has been constructed by the WCD Ministry to mitigate the plight of widows living in a pathetic condition in Vrindavan. The Ministry took cognizance of this shocking condition of widows living in Vrindavan who refused to go back to their native place or their home. In order to provide dignified and humane living conditions to them, the Ministry, as a special case, constructed this Krishna Kutir at the temple town of Vrindavan with all the required facilities.

About Swadhar Greh Scheme:

The Swadhar scheme was launched by the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2002 for rehabilitation of women in difficult circumstances. The scheme provides shelter, food, clothing, and care to the marginalized women/girls who are in need.

The beneficiaries include widows deserted by their families and relatives, women prisoners released from jail and without family support, women survivors of natural disasters, women victims of terrorist/extremist violence etc.

The implementing agencies are mainly NGOs. An Evaluation Study conducted through the Centre for Market Research and Social Development to assess the performance of the scheme observed that the scheme is successful for which it was formulated/implemented.

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