Qingdao Declaration Signed

The SCO summit concluded with the adoption of the Qingdao declaration. The declaration calls for implementing the three-year plan to combat terrorism, separatism, and extremism. It also calls for the implementation of the treaty on long-term good neighborliness, friendship, and co-operation.

SCO Member states also exchanged documents on a major issue like economic cooperation, security, regional peace and the ways to tackle terrorism. A total of 22 documents have been signed by the SCO countries, including preventing radicalization of youth and prevention of narcotics. The SCO Action plan for 2019 to 2020 was also signed.

In his Address at the plenary session of the 18th SCO Summit, the Prime Minister underlined the importance of security and connectivity. He said that connectivity with the neighborhood in the SCO region is India’s priority.

PM highlighted India’s universal brotherhood, and neighborhood policy and called upon member states to cooperate in the fields of Agriculture, Water Resources, and Pharma.

The Prime Minister also asserted that only six percent of foreign tourists in India are from SCO countries, which he said can be doubled easily by increasing awareness about the shared cultures.

Attending India’s first summit as a full member of the SCO, Prime Minister Modi also floated the concept of SECURE: ‘S’ for security for citizens, ‘E’ for economic development, ‘C’ for connectivity in the region, ‘U’ for unity, ‘R’ for respect of sovereignty and integrity, and ‘E for environment protection.

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