Resource efficiency

The First meeting of the inter-departmental group of stakeholders on the implementation of the strategy on resource efficiency was held at NITI Aayog. After detailed discussion, a roadmap for implementation of the RE in the country was evolved.

Following measures related to the implementation of the strategy on resource efficiency was announced by the Principal Advisor, NITI Aayog –

Resource Efficiency is cross-cutting, has implications for all sectors. Synergies need to be established for a robust implementation agenda

NITI Aayog will facilitate the RE strategy implementation. Implementation, however, will be the responsibility of the line ministries/departments


In November 2017, the NITI Aayog along with EU Delegation to India released the Strategy paper on Resource Efficiency (RE). The objective of the RE Strategy is to make recommendations for enhancing the resource-use efficiency in the Indian economy and industry, develop indicators for monitoring progress, and create an ecosystem for improving the resource security and minimizing environmental impacts.

The implementation agenda of the RE Strategy consists of Core Action Agenda (2017-2018) and Medium-term Action Plan (2018-2020) in the thematic areas of institutional development, promotion and regulation. The first action agenda was to constitute an inter-departmental group of stakeholders for steering the strategy.

What is Resource Efficiency and why do we need it?

Resource efficiency very simply put is making more with fewer materials. In practice, through a life-cycle approach, it leads to minimizing the impact on the environment & the associated societal burdens, transforming ‘waste’ into ‘resources’ fostering circular economy, and strengthening resource security.

Resource Efficiency and Circular Economies are important goals and central principles for achieving sustainable development. Sustainability is a global priority and SDGs commitment and 11th Five-year plan also clearly enunciate importance of Resource efficiency (RE).

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