Six proposals for High-Tech Public Transport

Niti Aayog has cleared proposals of the transport ministry exploring options to improve public transport. These technologies include Metrino, Stadler buses, Hyperloops, Pod taxis, Hybrid buses and Freight rail road.

Following the go-ahead, the transport ministry has formed a six member committee, headed by a former top official of Railways, to study safety parameters associated with these technologies and global practices.

These new technologies are path breaking and can alter the way of intercity travel in the country. The new technologies are being explored as current public transportation is unable to resolve the increasing traffic crisis in the country. Besides, some of them are more cost effective than the existing ones.

Metrino: Fully automatic, driverless small pods travel independently suspended over an overhead network which is usually 5-10 meters above the ground.

Podtaxi: Small automated vehicles/podcars/cable cars which carry a small number of passengers. The ropeway-like system runs on electricity and driverless pods and comes down at designated stations, thus removing the traffic burden from crowded roads.

Hyperloop: A hyperloop comprises a sealed tube or series of tubes through which a pod may travel free of air resistance or friction conveying people or objects at speeds matching that of an aircraft.

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