Village Resource Centres

To demonstrate the potential of satellite technology for the development of rural areas, ISRO established Village Resource Centres (VRCs) on a pilot scale. About Rs, 18 crores were spent for establishing 473 VRCs. The project is running in association with selected NGOs, Trusts and State Government Departments.

About Village Resource Centres program:

To provide the space-based services directly to the rural areas, ISRO/ DOS has launched the Village Resource Centres (VRCs) programme in association with NGOs/ Trusts and state/ central agencies.

VRCs provide various space technology-enabled services such as telehealthcare, tele-education, natural resources information, advisories related to agriculture, career guidance to rural students, skill development and vocational training etc.

Establishing new VRCs is an ongoing process and the same is carried out based on communication technology needs, funds available, proposals received from State Governments/NGOs etc. The parameters for selecting NGOs and Trusts as partners in VRC include experience in community organization and social work, availability of required infrastructure for housing the VRC facility, requisite manpower for day-to-day operation and capacity for conducting programmes of relevance for the development of rural areas.

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