Women Safety Division in MHA

MHA has created a new Division to address issues of women safety comprehensively. This Division would deal with all aspects of women safety in coordination with relevant Ministries/Departments and State Governments.

About the Women Safety Division:

The division, headed by a joint secretary level officer, would deal with all aspects of women’s safety in coordination with the relevant ministries, departments, and state governments.

Besides dealing with crimes against women, the new division will deal with crimes against SCs and STs, crimes against children and elderly persons, the anti-trafficking cell, matters relating to prison legislation and prison reforms, all schemes under the Nirbhaya fund, Crime and Criminal Tracking and Network System and the National Crime Records Bureau.

In order to address offenses against women, particularly rape, in a time-bound manner, the division would focus to enhance the capacity of the existing administrative, investigative, prosecution and judicial machinery, along with appropriate measures for rehabilitation of victims and bring attitudinal changes in society.

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